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Work for the art. Strengthen your gift.
Share your voice.


Lisa Marie Smith is one of the "Top 100 Most Influential Women in Las Vegas" (My Vegas Magazine) and has performed as a headlining vocalist continuously for the last decade. 

Continuing education has been made a priority to Lisa even with her busy schedule- She received her BFA from The Boston Conservatory of Music at Berklee, and is a certified voice instructor in Somatic Voicework (Level II). Additionally she is continuing her education with a masters in vocal pedagogy from the Contemporary Commercial Music Institute at Shenandoah University.


The LMS Voice Studio mantra is "Work for the art. Strengthen your gift. Share your voice." 

Everyone wants to feel heard- and vocalists have a gift of music that is different than any other instrument- themselves.  Due to the personal nature of singing, learning the nuance of the voice can be an emotional, frustrating, and exciting venture.  It takes a person with empathy, professional and personal experience, relatability, and continued/updated education to bring value to your craft.

Lisa Marie brings that value.


  • Beginner-Adv.Technique

  • Balance Your Voice

  • Expand Range

  • Voice Rehabilitation​

  • Healthy Belting​

  • Strengthen Your Mix​

  • Develop Head Voice

  • Release Tension

  • Vowel Modification

  • Performance Confidence

  • Audition Preparation

  • Build Repertoire​

  • Develop YOUR Style​

  • Song Interpretation

  • Music Theory

  • And the one that is less common in most studios... Current Working Professional Advice/ Tips/ Tricks

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