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Taking vocal lessons from Lisa has changed my life completely. Previously, I had felt stuck in how far I could progress, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to get any further without hurting myself. When I began taking lessons from her, my world opened up completely. She not only teaches healthy methods of singing that allowed me to grow more than I could imagine but also knows all of the science behind it, and it's fascinating to vocal students such as myself. I have had fewer than 20 lessons with her, yet in this short time I have made such progress it's astonishing! All thanks to her! I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to expand their range, abilities, and technique in a healthy and safe manner. Thank you for everything Lisa!

I’ve been taking from Lisa Marie Smith and the growth I’ve seen is truly unbelievable. Even on the first lesson, I was healthily belting notes I had never imagined, and since then we have been working on stylizing and controlling the voice, and extending that range even more. She also helped place and open up my head register which has also been a huge blessing. She opened up a whole world of voice that I never knew existed or would be possible.

I have recommended Lisa Marie to my friends, and those who have tried her say the same as me. She is truly a miracle worker, and with her extensive background in health and mechanics of the voice, she prevents strain or damage. She has given me so much confidence, and my nerves are no longer a curse during my auditions because she has helped me feel so comfortable and prepared.

I love and trust Lisa Marie with anything, and she truly cares and will answer any of my questions. She is the main reason I feel prepared for college, and take on a career in the industry. I recommend to anyone and everyone to give her a try, because she will really change your life for the best.

Positively Arts, Inc only has two approved vocal coaches/instructors with whom we trust with our scholarship recipients and Lisa Marie has done an exceptional job for the last 3 years. We chose LMS Voice Studios because of the level of genuine care, talent and kindness that Lisa Marie wraps into her lesson plan. She, herself, has been through ups and downs as a vocalist, so she can relate to students on any level. She has dedicated her life to inspiring vocalists just as she has been inspired through her years of performing and training. We KNOW that any student we refer to LMS Voice Studios is in great hands.

Singing is one of the most important aspects of my life. Sometimes if feels like singing is the only thing getting me through my life. It is precious to me. So when it comes to voice teachers/coaches I am quite protective of who I trust. I’ve tried MANY over the course of my life and I’ve always worried about vocal damage, fatigue etc. I lean more classical in my singing style and have wanted to learn healthy ways of singing contemporary/belty music for so long but had never found anyone I trusted not to ruin my voice in the long run. Well, enter Lisa Marie and the rest is history.


It’s been about a year and when I tell you she has transformed my voice, in a very big way, I am not kidding. I could not be in better hands. Her dedication to healthy singing is unparalleled in my opinion.

Not only is she able to instantly know what you need, she also continues to research for you and brings new techniques to each lesson. I leave every lesson feeling like I have made significant progress and if you’ve taken voice lessons before you know that that isn’t always the case. She is professional, hilarious, stupidly talented, kind, generous, smart and one of the most personable people you’ll ever meet. She’s given me a confidence I didn’t know was possible and a an arsenal of tools at my disposal to HEALTHILY sing anything I want. My possibilities have been unlocked and I have Lisa Marie to thank.

Also, as a cherry on top, she’s just the coolest lady and you instantly fall in love with her. She’s adorable and makes you feel as though you can conquer the friggin’ world when you’re in her studio. I HIGHLY recommend her studio if you’re looking for a coach who is knowledgeable, professional, an amazing working singer herself, and at every step is protecting your vocal health. She is the best decision I’ve ever made for my voice. She will be for you too. I promise.

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